All of the Democrats who declared a run for president were on thin ice with the #BlackLivesMatter movement from the beginning, yet Hillary Clinton eventually (if sporadically) managed to embrace the movement on social media, tweeting her support and dropping the names of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling over the summer.

Also checking in that day was President Obama, who offered his condolences to the families of Sterling and Castile in a statement made from Poland, and Sen. Elizabeth “Me Too” Warren, who tweeted much more extensively in support of Black Lives Matter in a series of posts.

No, officer-involved shootings didn’t end with that tweet, but the campaign’s interest in them seems to have faded. There were not one but four fatal police shootings in Los Angeles that drew protesters to the streets over the weekend and to a press conference Monday morning, where they shouted, “Let us in.”

Late last week, police say they responded to two family disturbance calls to find Reginald Thomas, 36, a father of eight with another child on the way, holding a large knife under his left arm and a fire extinguisher in his right hand.

The incident didn’t end with a shooting; rather, police deployed two Tasers and then struggled with Thomas to apply a hobble restraint to his legs. Seeing Thomas in distress, they performed CPR but weren’t able to save him.

Thomas’s girlfriend told NBC Los Angeles police “knew he was disabled, they knew he was bipolar, they knew he was on social security, and they still killed him.”

As Twitchy reported, an 18-year-old was shot and killed by police Saturday afternoon, sparking protests within hours as word spread on social media that Carnell Snell had been shot in the back five times while fleeing from police with his hands up. Police say he was struck twice, in the torso and knee, after pulling a loaded .40-caliber handgun.

The L.A. Times reports that on Sunday, a Latino man was shot when he turned on police holding what turned out to be a replica handgun with the orange safety tip blacked out with either paint or a pen. One resident told reporters she saw police fire on the man as he was on the ground, the police chief says body camera footage refutes that claim.

Protesters were on the streets Monday and marched on the police department.

Reminder: If you want to get on the air, you’d better put away the “F*** the Police” sign, or just sneak up behind a CNN reporter doing a live shot.

Will Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren be tweeting any more names soon, or are they done doing that?