Finally … someone asks if President Obama is aware of the creeping threat of creepy clowns. Is 2016 over yet?

Plenty of people have always found clowns creepy, but the phenomenon of scary clown sightings really took off earlier this year when videos of “Gags, the Green Bay Clown” began circulating online, along with reports that police were powerless to do anything … just being a creepy clown wasn’t against the law, they said.

Turns out that was just a publicity stunt for a 16-minute film that succeeded far beyond the director’s expectations.

But since then, there have been ugly reports of clowns attempting to lure children into the woods in the Carolinas and elsewhere. No, really: scary clowns have practically infested suburbs and college campuses across the country, or at least you’d think so.

Has the president been briefed on the proliferation of these creepy clowns? White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claimed Tuesday that he didn’t know if President Obama had been alerted or not.

Yeah, sure he hasn’t ….

Won’t someone think of the children?

Not that anyone can recall; however, Evan McMullin took time from his busy campaign schedule to address the issue.

Good one! But really, what’s your plan? People are tired of generalities.

These clowns aren’t any fun at all.

Is it OK to at least shoot them in the mouth with a water pistol?