Tim Kaine and Mike Pence started out so cordially Tuesday night and seemed to set the tone that everyone pretended they wanted from the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Kaine, in particular, showed that he was in tune with his running mate, dropping the campaign’s slogan within minutes and making it clear from the start that he was Clinton’s “right-hand person.”

It was less than a half-hour in when moderator Elaine Quijano insisted that the two men stop interrupting each other and leave the interrupting to her.

Frank Luntz’s focus group did not seem to care for all the interruptions from Hillary’s right-hand person.

Is Vox keeping count of the interruptions? It seemed so … sexist when it happened during the first presidential debate.

Kaine’s an attack dog in a world of trained poodles. This VP job is not right for him.

* * *


Here’s an instant chart that shows something about interruptions, but it’s just giving us a headache; looks pretty sexist, though.