CNN’s infamous countdown clock has been ticking throughout the day, and even though the GOP had declared the winner of Tuesday night’s debate an hour before it started,  Americans still waited in anticipation for the throw-down of the year: Mike Pence vs. Tim Kaine.

The drinking games aren’t as plentiful as they were for the first presidential debate, and the press hasn’t made any new suggestions for which strain of pot goes best with a VP face-off, but there’s still time to lay odds on how many times Kaine will break into Spanish.

Though it’s been reported that Kaine will bring a married lesbian couple to the debate for some reason other than punishment, no one’s sure if the senator will break out one of his harmonicas that has provided joy to the press pool on many a long, long 1 a.m. bus trip across America.

Surely he’s found hiding places by this age; that dad bod has all sorts of potential for smuggling.

If the real October surprise isn’t pressed up against his lips, that is.

Hillary’s not around; just enough time before the big event to sneak in one more round of “Wagon Wheel.”