Something tells us Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be shouting later about how sick and tired she is of people’s patriotism being questioned because they don’t see climate change as the nation’s top security threat.

President Obama met with actor Leonardo DiCaprio Monday night to discuss climate change at what’s been dubbed “South by South Lawn.” This time, they were thoughtful enough to include an actual climate scientist as well, though obviously the two main draws were the men with the vastly oversized carbon footprints.

Air conditioning … worse than ISIS? Well, nothing apparently bothers the president more, so what could be more important?

The president wasn’t so engrossed by the science on offer that he didn’t find time to make things political and slam Congress for not taking climate change seriously as America’s No. 1 national security threat. Good thing those terrorists planted bombs in New York City and not air conditioners.

It sounds almost like the president is questioning the patriotism of those who aren’t following his lead on climate change, which he must be doing from behind, since it’s tough to point out much he’s managed to accomplish recently besides staring down a glacier in Alaska and taking a snorkeling tour off of Hawaii.

Don’t worry about “destroying industry” one more minute; Hillary Clinton has assured voters in coal country she “misspoke” about that whole putting them out of business thing. But she’s also dead serious about climate change, which is now a requirement to hold office, according to DiCaprio.

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