Post-traumatic stress disorder deserves media attention, but on Monday, PTSD climbed Twitter’s list of trending topics for all the wrong reasons.

As Twitchy reported, Donald Trump held a brief Q&A with veterans Monday and answered a question about PTSD and suicide, and it wasn’t long before headlines declared that Trump had “implied” or “appeared to suggest” that some soldiers aren’t strong enough to handle the stresses of combat.

Never mind that the Marine who asked the question in the first place was outraged at how the answer he’d received had been “twisted” for political purposes; it’s tough to stretch a controversy like Trump’s comments about Miss Universe past a week or so without people losing interest.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, national security professional and author of  “Defeating Jihad,” was also at the event and tweeted that the feeding frenzy over Trump’s answer was a sign of desperation.

You may be asking yourself, why isn’t Hillary Clinton up 50 points? It’s pretty clear more than a few reporters are asking that themselves lately, despite all they’ve done to move the needle. If every word out of Donald Trump’s mouth is that offensive and outrageous, just wait another 5 minutes for the next legitimately offensive one and run with that, OK?

It would be nice if that statement had put the issue to rest, but the media cares too much about veterans to let Donald Trump insult them to their faces like that without them realizing how offended they should be.

Any chance of the media following up to capitalize on the sudden national interest in veterans and PTSD? It’s been a while since the press has checked in on the administration’s VA scandal.