Twitter received a jump-start Saturday night when the New York Times published a report with a particularly Harry Reid-sounding headline: it seems the Times received Donald Trump’s tax records, which revealed that he could have avoided paying taxes for nearly 20 years.

He could have avoided paying taxes, or he did avoid paying taxes?

Some reporters and pundits were downright giddy at the thought of a terrible week for Trump capped off by a bombshell like this, but … it’s complicated.

First of all, we’re back in 1995, those giddy days when Miss Universe was still skinny. And these aren’t federal returns. And how did the Times obtain them anyway? Someone mailed them.

Anonymously mailed, but from where?

Whoa, see it before they rope it off with red velvet cord and charge admission.

Hold that Pulitzer …

More than one might think. Remember how Dan Rather relied on a decades-old document that could be perfectly reproduced by firing up Microsoft Word and typing the words without changing a single default setting?

That is weird, actually, how the numbers line up perfectly in the boxes, except for the ones indicating those gigantic losses that set up Trump to not pay taxes for nearly two decades. Just a glitch? Or did someone alter the return? Or — wait for it — did someone in the Trump camp alter the return?

Is the document is bogus, though, why wouldn’t the Trump camp say so immediately? The campaign did respond Saturday night by punting it back to Hillary; there’s no suggestion here any of the information was faked.

And here’s the Clinton campaign on the New York Times’ bombshell report:

There’ll be plenty of time on the Sunday shows to evaluate any craters left by this bombshell. Worst businessman ever? Best tax avoider ever? Sloppiest reporting ever?