As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton dominated Twitter Saturday when leaked audio from a fundraiser rocketed the #BasementDwellers hashtag to the top of Twitter’s trending topics.

Oddly, that wasn’t the only audio leak from an Obama administration secretary of state to make the news. CNN obtained audio from a meeting last week in which Kerry can be heard saying he “lost the argument” to use military force against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. So much for that red line.

In the recording, Kerry announces, “I’m the guy who stood up and announced that we’re going to attack Assad for the use of weapons.”

It’s worth mentioning that Kerry’s tough talk came during a meeting with a group of Syrian civilians, all while he was watching his hard-won “cease fire” deal with Russia fall apart.

Kerry’s claim that he was the guy who stood up for the use of force is funny, because at a press conference in 2013, the same John Kerry assured the world that a military strike on Syria would be “an unbelievably small, limited effort” — obviously a bit of master negotiation from the man who brokered the nuclear deal with Iran.

Kerry delivered the threat of an unbelievably small military response the same month he made it clear there would be no boots on the ground in Syria; clearly a public fake-out as he pressed for military intervention behind the scenes but was held back.

So he was against military intervention before he was for it?