Finally, after the first presidential debate led to a week of stories about Donald Trump calling a former Miss Universe names back in the ’90s, it’s time to move on … by moving further back. CNN on Saturday set the wayback machine for the 1980s, when a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer recalls that Trump called her the c-word over the phone after she published a story about him.

Former Inquirer reporter Jennifer Lin told Michael Smerconish she wouldn’t say the c-word on TV, which was considerate, since she had just dropped the s-word three times.

CNN has posted the video on its website with a content warning but censored the word in the text, just in case any young children are in the room reading up on the latest campaign coverage.

Fair enough; looks like all but about seven or eight people missed it the first time.

Thanks, Obama … um, Trump.

* * *