As Twitchy reported earlier this month, some online detectives uncovered a very suspicious query on discussion board Reddit and connected that post to Paul “BleachBit” Combetta, a tech at Hillary Clinton’s IT company, Platte River Networks, who recently pleaded the Fifth before the committee.

Reddit user “stonetear,” posting soon after Clinton’s homebrew email server had been discovered, seemed a little desperate to know if there was a way to alter an email archive and swap out one email address with another in the To and From fields, noting that the rush job was for a VERY VIP client.

Admittedly, the connection seemed tenuous, until people learned that Combetta used the same alias, stonetear, for his gmail address and for a lot of other sites, including a few featuring his photo. Oops.

As Twitchy predicted, the media all but ignored the story, but at Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing, FBI director Jim Comey didn’t even flinch at the allegation that Combetta was the Reddit poster, but rather suggested that whether Combetta’s post violated his immunity agreement depended on his intention, because of course that’s what Comey would say.

We all know that Rep. Trey Gowdy can deliver a beat-down, but Rep. Jim Jordan is no slouch. Watch (beginning at 0:45) as he pulls up a screen capture of the Reddit post and suggests that he and Comey “examine it now.”

According to the notes the FBI released from its investigation, just before that “oh sh*t!” moment when a tech (i.e., Combetta, whose name had been redacted in the report) wiped her email archive, Hillary Clinton’s lawyers held a conference call with some people from Platte River Networks, none of whom is willing to talk about it and all of whom have been granted immunity, which was “handed out like candy.”

It’s a shame that Bernie Sanders thought it was a good idea to kick off his fight for the Democratic nomination by announcing he was sick of hearing about Hillary’s damn emails, because it’s a really good crime story if you stick with it. If only it were to end as it should.


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