Quite a few people are excited to learn that space has been declared LGBTQ-friendly, but no one seems more excited than Aaron Jackson of the group Planting Peace, who told website NewNowNext he’s “just pumped space is gay now.”

It might be a reach to claim the whole universe LGBTQ-friendly from our limited vantage point, but Planting Peace did manage to attach a pride flag and a GoPro camera to a high-altitude balloon and send it 21 miles above the earth’s surface.

The flag was sent up Aug. 17 near Milwaukee, but the video is just making the rounds online, and the view is pretty fabulous.

The stratosphere seems high enough for now; the U.N. had better prepare a contingency plan just in case any future launches draw the attention of homophobic extraterrestrials.

Back in March, Planting Peace declared Antarctica the first LGBTQ-friendly continent, delighting gay penguins everywhere.