The House Oversight Committee is giving Platte River Networks some great free advertising lately. If you need IT services, and you really need a company whose staff can be counted on to keep their damn mouths shut, they seem to fit the bill.

At a recent hearing before the House Oversight Committee, two staffers, including the man believed to have wiped Hillary Clinton’s email archive using BleachBit, took the Fifth, and Clinton’s IT aide Bryan Pagliano didn’t even show, despite having been subpoenaed.

Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz said that Pagliano would face (unspecified) consequences for “thumbing his nose at Congress.” After Pagliano stiffed the committee again, the committee voted 19‑15 along straight party lines last Thursday to send a resolution to the full House of Representatives to hold Pagliano in contempt.

Now that vote looks like it won’t take place until after the American people vote on their next president.

CNN reports that Pagliano, who is considered the architect of Clinton’s homebrew email server, could face a fine of up to $100,000 for failing to appear.

Whenever the vote happens, Chaffetz has the papers drawn up and ready to go, a photo of which he posted to Twitter with the hashtag, #SubpoenasAreNotOptional.

Well, the Democrats on the committee aren’t with him, and ranking Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings last week called the Republicans’ efforts and abuse of authority and “nothing but a blatantly partisan Republican attack on the Democratic candidate for President.”

The contempt vote might have been delayed, but it’s not bad to be reminded that even if Clinton is inaugurated in January, it doesn’t mean all this goes away.

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