As Twitchy reported, President Obama sat for a town hall meeting on military issues Wednesday night on CNN, where he took questions from audience members.

Host Jake Tapper did kick things off by observing that Obama in 2016 seems much more reluctant to put troops in harm’s way than he did at the beginning of his presidency.

Syria, home of an Obama Red Line™ or two or three, did get a mention.

There’s a risk? We’re pretty sure most of our men and women uniform in uniform are keenly aware of that and choose to serve anyway, knowing their choppers wouldn’t be airlifting them to the golf course every weekend.

And who says he’s leading from behind?

One Gold Star mother whose son was killed in Iraq did ask the president about his refusal to use the term, “radical Islamic terrorist.”

The president has answered the question before — obviously not to everyone’s satisfaction — but he repeated his suggestion that using such a term would make it more difficult to solicit assistance from Muslims around the world in the fight against terror. After all, not all Muslims are terrorists, just as not all Christians are terrorists.

Sure, but as the president has clarified, why not just say “terrorist?” Then again, limiting the words one’s allowed to use in studying terrorist acts can make it difficult if not impossible to “unpack motives.”