In the funny-yet-sad department, it seems as though half of the media is continually criticizing the other half for not devoting serious coverage to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

And then somehow, after the most hyped presidential debate in modern times, we find ourselves in a multiple-day news cycle devoted to which women Trump criticized as being too fat, and when.

Isn’t that the truth? There are plenty of substantial and serious arguments to be made against both candidates, and yet we’re back in 2012 questioning Mitt Romney’s fitness to lead the country after once tying the dog carrier to the roof of the car.

Brace yourselves, then, because Politico’s chief political correspondent has an exclusive anecdote from the ’70s to pass along.

Wow. That’s a lot like Sen. Harry Reid’s friend telling him that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in 10 years. Sure, Tommy Vietor in 2014 could attempt to write off a question about Benghazi by replying, “Dude … that was two years ago,” but this was apparently a really nice lamp — a timeless antique, with a timeless anecdote to accompany it.

If he doesn’t and Trump wins, it’s all on him.

In the meantime, the Clinton camp would be fools not to rush a new video into production: “Children of antiques dealers should be heard and believed.”