A week or so ago, word spread that the Hillary Clinton campaign was denied a request for some sort of booster behind her podium at the first debate that would make her, standing at 5-foot-4, appear equal in height to Donald Trump, who stands 6-foot-3.

If you can’t raise the bridge, then lower the river. As Twitchy reported, ABC News’ Rita Cosby got a close look at the stage setup at Hofstra Monday morning and reported that Donald Trump’s lectern is taller, which of course is another way to make both candidates appear the same height.

Does it matter? Vox on Monday offered a voxsplanation of height privilege, but that’s not the best part: included in the piece is an interactive tool that allows you to enter your stats and see how you stack up against not only Clinton and Trump, but also George Washington and Millard Fillmore.

That was kind of the very last question on our minds as the debate approaches.

Yes, really.

Yes, it’s real. Here’s the tool in action.

Presidential, for sure.

It would be nice if readers could enter their weight as well to compare against former presidents; apparently body-shaming is OK as long as Hillary Clinton is left out of it.

And as long as we’re compiling a wish list of features for the next update to the Vox height checker, how about this?

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