What was Howard Dean on when he let out his famous scream that closed the casket on his presidential bid? LSD? PCP? Mushrooms?

Pretty much everyone assumed his bizarre animal howl was the product of a volatile mixture of adrenaline and desperation. Now, from the sidelines, Dean is watching #DebateNight and wondering if Donald Trump’s sniffing has something to do with Trump’s debate prep. Forget Obama’s vanishing red lines; Dean’s wondering if Trump made some white lines disappear before taking the stage.

That sniffing was a bit conspicuous. It was almost as bad as when Hillary took that epic bong rip in Cleveland on Labor Day and couldn’t hold her smoke. That was gross.

But we’re talking about Trump here.

He has tremendous stamina, though we have no televised proof that he could open a pickle jar if asked.

No, they really don’t.

Speculative accusations beneath Howard Dean? Apparently not, because he just tweeted one to his 35,000 followers.

Once more, for old times’ sake.