It doesn’t take an exhaustive search of social media to find plenty of drinking games to play during Monday night’s presidential debate. But now that marijuana is legal in more and more places, it’s time for weed to take its place at #DebateNight.

The Oregonian notes that marijuana can help relieve both stress and nausea, so it seems a natural fit. But when you absolutely, positively need a bong load that’ll get you through tonight, to whom can you turn?

The Oregonian has you covered there too, with its list of the very best strains of weed to smoke during the debates, as recommended by experts in the hydroponic garden. No, Gary Johnson was not consulted.

We’re old enough to remember when presidents were just becoming comfortable enough to admit they’d “tried” pot, with the disclaimer that they didn’t inhale.

Hazy Kush gets a shout out for being a particularly good choice for women, while the more cerebral East Coast Sour Diesel earns a nod for its ability to “get your mind buzzing and make you pay attention.” Fair enough, but is there any chance it could cause a severe coughing fit for people who have seasonal allergies/pneumonia?

The Portland Police have chimed in to remind citizens not to drive while intoxicated, and even included a cartoon to keep the stoners transfixed.