As Twitchy reported, the FBI on Friday afternoon dumped nearly 200 additional pages of notes detailing its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s extremely careless handling of classified emails.

Besides learning that Clinton would use her personal email server to correspond with her pal Barack Obama (who used a pseudonym and knew nothing about the server, despite the White House having to grant permission for him to receive emails from the address), the documents brought up once again that mysterious thumb drive that no one can seem to find.

The Guardian reports that Justin Cooper, a former aide to Bill Clinton, in 2013 provided former Hillary Clinton aide Monica Hanley an Apple MacBook from the Clinton Foundation and helped her create an archive of Clinton’s emails, a task she completed from home.

However, Hanley “forgot” to provide the laptop and thumb drive to Clinton’s staff.

The thumb drive remains missing, although the laptop was located and reportedly put in the mail, although it never made it to its destination. The FBI noted that “neither Hanley nor [redacted] could identify the current whereabouts of the archive laptop or thumb drive containing the archive, and the FBI does not have either item in its possession.”

It just doesn’t end, does it? Clinton claims that even though she blanked on the meaning of the letter (C) next to a paragraph, she treated everything as top secret, so it’s no big deal, OK? However, emails have revealed how documents and such were left in unlocked hotel rooms, on car seats, etc., while multiple mobile devices went missing.

So … where’s the thumb drive?

It might be under Hanley’s couch …

We don’t even want to think about what’s been in Anthony Weiner’s hands. Next.