Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star was good enough to leave out the writer’s name, but he also found himself with an email too good not to share.

As if Donald Trump and the expected record number of viewers of Monday night’s presidential debate won’t be distracted already by the sounds of Hillary Clinton’s servo motors as she gesticulates, a Star reader from Vermont this week suggested another debate strategy for Clinton.

Think about it: Rather than break into a hacking fit, Clinton should make “small pigeon sounds” whenever her opponent tells a lie.

That’s a great email; we’re thankful to Dale for posting it to Twitter for posterity rather than taking a chance on his email archives accidentally being wiped by the IT guy.

It’s a great idea and we insist she consider it seriously.

Or she could just make her “You bore me” Benghazi hearing face; that would keep anyone off his guard.


Or maybe she could blast nasal spray up one nostril to keep those seasonal allergies from getting out of hand and giving her pneumonia from dehydration in the oppressive heat of the debate hall.

Speaking of: Has anyone double-checked the rules for the vice-presidential debate to make sure Tim Kaine doesn’t show up with his harmonica?