On the third night of protests and/or riots in Charlotte, N.C., following the officer-involved shooting death Tuesday of Keith Lamont Scott, the mayor has ordered a curfew beginning at midnight, and the National Guard has been deployed.

“Agitators,” though, managed to block I-277 for a bit and have reportedly thrown water bottles and other objects at law enforcement and the media.

And there was this: a reminder before nightfall that revolution would require a little bloodshed.

CNN’s Erin Burnett on Thursday repeated something that’s been said a lot about protests like this: a large percentage of the crowd is made up of outsiders who have no vested interest in the community but hope to piggyback on the chaos.

Sure enough, as protests were getting underway Thursday, the Revolutionary Community Party fired up its megaphone to let the crowd know that the entire corrupt system had to be overthrown.

Judging from the T-shirt, the cap, his face, and the usual violent rhetoric, that sure looks like Carl Dix, national spokesperson for the Revolutionary Community Party USA.

We’ve said it before, but #BlackLivesMatter is a brilliant piece of branding. If you disagree with the movement and wonder why no one ever shows up to protest the record number of gun-related homicides in Chicago, you’re taking the name too literally. And whatever you do, never declare that all lives matter — we’re talking about black lives now. And anarchists. And communists.

You can just feel how upset those two are about the death of what’s his name.

Who’s up for some Revolution News?

We wouldn’t call it a revolution, but rioters do seem to be getting away with a lot more than should be allowed.