As Twitchy noted Wednesday, President Obama recently sat with historian Doris Kearns Goodwin for an interview published in Vanity Fair. Obama admitted in the interview to cursing more than he should, and he also answered a question about what he’ll miss most after he leaves office.

Doris Kearns Goodwin would just as soon cut you as ask you a question — it’s well known in literary circles.

It seems like a throwaway question not worth addressing, but here’s the strange thing: he’s apparently thought about this before. More than a year ago, at a DNC fundraiser in November 2015, he told the audience he was already lamenting losing the use of Air Force One on leaving office.

He really, really likes that jet. No wonder he spends so much time in it. And according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, it costs a mere $206,337 a hour to keep in the air — we’re not sure if that figure includes all of the carbon offsets.

For quick weekend golf trips, though, Marine One is a bargain in comparison.

So, is Obama hinting that he’d like a third term, or are we all supposed to chip in and buy him his own tricked-out 747 as a going away gift?

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