As Twitchy reported, hundreds of protesters in Charlotte, N.C., briefly shut down part of I-85 late Tuesday night following the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott that afternoon by a police officer. At least a dozen officers were reported injured during the protests, as demonstrators threw objects and surrounded police cruisers.

While protesters at first converged near the site of the shooting, others headed for a nearby Walmart well after midnight, where they continued their “protest.”

To the untrained eye, yes, it might look like looting, or at least attempted looting, but these are trained journalists.

Looting isn’t a form of protest? That’s some 2008 thinking right there.

Remember just last month when the sister of a man shot in Milwaukee made her “call for peace” on CNN, admonishing protesters for looting and burning a local beauty supply store (“We need our sh*t! We need our weaves.”) and urging them to “take that sh*t to the suburbs” instead?

Looting can be protest, as long as it’s done in the proper place.

* * *