A joint poll just released by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal ranks the favorable and unfavorable ratings of all of the U.S. presidential candidates, as well as President Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump’s wife, Mexico, Canada, the news media — everything, really, with the notable exception of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Without further ado, the clear winner in this ranking was Canada, suggesting that America’s neighbor to the north might be facing its own influx of refugees no matter who’s elected in November.

Canada would run away with the election if it chose to run, with Mexico an attractive choice for running mate.

Seeing as the poll was conducted by two media titans, it has to be a bit of a letdown to learn that only Putin kept the news media from ending up in the basement.

Which is the bigger mystery: the news media ranking just above Putin, or Canada failing to reach that 100 percent favorable rating?

It’s OK … just try a little harder.

In case anyone was wondering, the poll was conducted before BuzzFeed News released on Tuesday its video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rating tweets and Internet memes about him on BuzzFeed’s scientific scale of “LOL” to “wtf.” Maybe the 3 percent were holding out for exactly this:

Here’s an offer worth considering … is there a Kickstarter campaign yet?