All of Twitter went on a candy-fueled posting spree Monday night after Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme intended to warn of the dangers of opening the border to Syrian refugees. Instead of Syria trending, though, Skittles shot up the charts with tens of thousands of posts in a matter of hours, and the colorful candy dominated the news the following day.

On Wednesday, after a police-involved shooting and a night of protests and looting in Charlotte had brought most people down from that laugh riot, Rep. Keith Ellison got in on the joke with a bit of prop comedy.

We’ll pass — after thousands pretended not to recognize a metaphor when they saw it, no matter how poorly it was presented, the whole Skittles thing went stale after about an hour.

Could we have spaghetti instead? One lucky family of Syrian refugees was invited to have spaghetti dinner with Samantha Power, United States ambassador to the United Nations, at her official penthouse residence atop New York’s Waldorf Towers. Crazy coincidence that a New York Times photographer was there to document that selfless act of friendship.

Here’s a terrible thought: How many people will wear Slutty Skittles costumes for Halloween this year in the tradition of the Slutty Binders Full of Women costume craze of 2012?

Worst election season ever. Oh well, time to check in on the riots.

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