As his second term approaches its close, it seems to have dawned on President Obama that his attempts to fundamentally change America aren’t everything — the whole “commander in chief of the armed forces” thing is going to be part of his legacy, too.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has been doing the heavy lifting lately, and it’s been a while since the president drew one of his famous red lines in the sand. Sounds like it’s time for President Obama to sit down for a televised town hall on America’s military to remind everyone he’s on top of things, and that he knows just the person to take his place.

So … Jake Tapper is going to give the president an on-air security briefing in front of a small audience? It doesn’t sound like much fun to watch, but it’s a good idea. And it will give the president a chance to share anecdotes of all those times he turned to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her expert guidance.

Sound like a sure-fire ratings bonanza. Maybe if viewers make a game out of it:


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