It’s impossible to watch “Cats for Hillary Clinton” and not be reminded of the horror flick “The Ring,” in which viewers of a cursed videotape inevitably die seven days later, their faces contorted in sheer terror.

We’ll never know if the same curse holds here, since in the interest of full disclosure, we only made it to the 41-second mark. If you can beat that, feel free to brag in the comment section.

“Cats for Hillary Clinton” isn’t likely to sway any votes (most official campaign ads won’t either, to be honest), but the short film, written and voiced by character actor Tom Beyer (“Justified,” “Mad Men,” “Criminal Minds”), just might make you choke on your Skittles if you’re not a fan of both felines and the former secretary of state.

Gates McFadden of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” passed the short film along to her followers.

You will be assimilated.

Yo Tom, we’re happy you’ve found a candidate you can support and we’re gonna let you finish, but Rand Paul had one of the best official campaign videos of all time.

Before clicking over to YouTube, be aware that comments for “Cats for Hillary Clinton” are disabled — save it for the ballot box, OK?

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