For a candidate who has from the beginning of his campaign made it clear that he doesn’t trust the media to be fair, Donald Trump never seems to tire of feeding journalists just the right tidbit to send them into a frenzy, leading to headlines about soliciting his opponent’s assassination, for example.

Trump 2.0, tethered rather strongly to a teleprompter, fared a little better for a while. That’s when surrogates popped up to warn of, say, the irresistible danger of taco trucks on every corner. On Monday night Donald Trump Jr. took over the spoon and fed Twitter a heaping bowl of Skittles, sending the candy to the top of the evening’s trending topics.

There was a point in there somewhere about Syrian refugees, but no one will admit to swallowing it. When Twitter really gets going, though, the last thing it needs is more sugar. Two hours and about 25,000 tweets later …


So, did Donald Trump Jr. intend to bring Trayvon Martin Jr. into his tweet about Syrian refugees, or was it just subconscious on his part?

Please: never again feed Twitter sugar before bed.

* * *