Remember when the White House proudly announced that $8 billion in Recovery Act grants would be dedicated to the development of 13 high-speed rail corridors across the country?

Instead, Washington, D.C. in 2016 still finds itself with a rail system that continually catches fire after years of neglected maintenance, which President Obama laid at the feet of the Republican Congress and its “ideology that says, government spending is necessarily bad.”

Regardless of who’s to blame, there’s no high-speed rail line shuttling commuters between New England and North Carolina, but on the plus side, Philadelphia’s mass transit stations might smell a little less like pee pretty soon with the application of some urine-resistant paint.

How great is it that Philadelphia’s transit system, which by many accounts smells like a toilet, is called the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, aka SEPTA?

WTOP reports that SEPTA this fall will experiment with a product called Ultra-Ever Dry, a surface coating that “makes urine spray back on the offender.”

San Francisco, where a light pole reportedly fell on a car last year after being rusted through from urine, tried out the coating on some of its buildings with some success.

* * *