The previous time that Donald Trump supposedly solicited Hillary Clinton’s assassination from his campaign podium, the reverberations were massive. A Democrat super PAC reached out to “high-level contacts” in the FBI to demand Trump’s arrest, right about the same time a Clinton campaign staffer was drafting a fundraising email based on Trump’s comments.

As Twitchy reported, Trump on Friday served the media another supposed solicitation to assassinate his opponent, saying at a rally in Miami that Clinton’s bodyguards should be disarmed, adding, “Let’s see what happens to her” — not the best ad lib following a horrible week for the Clinton campaign.

No one freaks out over anything gun-related like Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), who after the Pulse nightclub massacre decided to blame Republicans for selling guns to ISIS. In August, Murphy scolded Trump for inspiring “unstable people with powerful guns and an unhinged hatred for Hillary,” and on Saturday he tweeted that Trump would have blood on his hands were anything to happen.

Twitchy regular Joyce Carol Oates agreed, adding that supporters of He Whose Name Must Not Be Spelled (Cher has settled on a toilet emoji) would only cheer if Clinton were killed.

If only Kira Ayn Davis would show up right about now …

Except for the millions of unemployed, but yes. Even those who have sworn to move out of the country will be right where they were the week before.

Oh, please. Complacency is for white folk — which came as a surprise to Davis: writer, blogger, Breitbart Spirit Award winner, and well-known non-white person.