As Twitchy reported, Andrea Mitchell got herself in hot water with Hillary Clinton’s supporters in mid-August, in the days before the Democrat nominee decided to open up a bit and allow the press to travel with her on her campaign plane.

Finding herself within Clinton’s hearing range following a campaign rally, Mitchell asked, “Can you tell us how your health is?” Clinton simply cackled a bit and moved on, but the question alone was enough to open up Mitchell to charges of sexism, “hate speak,” and a bias against Clinton (yeah, right).

Following a rally in North Carolina Thursday, Clinton held an actual press conference, and Mitchell again stepped in it with Clinton’s supporters by asking why her running mate, Tim Kaine, wasn’t told of her illness.

This has been a crazy campaign cycle, but we’re well through the looking glass when people are accusing Andrea Mitchell of being a surrogate for Donald Trump. CNN and some other media outlets are going to be in big trouble too.

Is it so wrong to ask if Clinton let her running mate know she was ill? Not to be pedantic or blow things out of proportion, but the next vice president certainly will have a vested interest in the president’s health and well being.

Do they actually talk? What was the point of publishing a (massive flop of a) book called “Stronger Together” with Kaine on the cover if she’s just going to “power through” on her own?