The New York Times served warning Thursday night that Hillary Clinton is considering inviting Al Gore to burn some jet fuel with her on the campaign trail and lend his credentials as a noted climate scientist to her rallies.

Apparently, the Clinton camp also thinks that once dragged out of mothballs, Gore, also 68, could release his chakras on those crazy kids who had sided with Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders and are now looking to third-party candidates.

The news comes on top of reports that Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — combined age, 142 — will campaign for Clinton in Ohio this weekend in an attempt to draw the youth vote that seems to continually elude Clinton.

Absolutely. We’re not certain just what it means to be “in talks” with either Clinton or Gore and we’d be afraid to find out, but getting Gore out there seems like a great way to anchor Clinton to her husband’s term in office, which millennials really ought to learn more about.