Chris Cuomo, co-anchor of CNN’s “New Day,” on Thursday found himself trapped in a nightmarish Twitter thread he admitted he’d pay to be let out of.

As Twitchy reported, while Hillary Clinton was taking a break from the campaign trail Tuesday to recover from pneumonia, a couple of prominent Democrats thought to bring up Donald Trump’s weight and his affinity for fast food — they took turns fat shaming the candidate, really.

Two days later, Cuomo found himself drawn into a lengthy back-and-forth on Twitter over his coverage of the candidates, including their health issues.

But what about Trump’s morbid obesity?

But political strategist David Plouffe claimed that Trump was the heaviest presidential candidate since William Howard Taft.

No wonder Cuomo wanted out of this thread. Body mass index indicates that pretty much everyone in America is obese, Cuomo included. Dude probably doesn’t even lift.

No. No, they can’t. Not if Cuomo is going to brag about his dad bod.

Cuomo shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that “dad bod” isn’t a compliment; the dad bod is hot right now. One young actress even alerted millennials to newly named running mate Tim Kaine’s sweet dad bod and “normcore” fashion sense.

Pretty sexist, though, that there’s no “mom bod” craze. What is Hillary’s BMI, anyway?