A spokesperson has claimed that climate change and a reduction in sea ice is responsible for the unusually aggressive behavior of a group of 10 polar bears that besieged a group of Russian scientists.

NPR on Wednesday picked up on a report by Russian news agency TASS, which told of the rescue of five scientists whose weather station was surrounded by polar bears, including a female that had become used to spending nights beneath the research station’s windows.

A ship that was passing by was able to dispatch a helicopter and deliver flares and dogs to help the researchers scare off the bears.

Blame climate change for causing the Arctic ice to recede unusually quickly, trapping the bears near the researchers.

Despite the dramatic account of the rescue — “Five people. Ten bears. One desperate call for help.” — the head of the network that owns the research station noted that the bears probably would have left the area for other hunting grounds by the end of October or early November, anyway.

Now that they’re armed with flares to chase away the indigenous wildlife, the scientists are free again to resume their studies and perhaps learn more about the impact of humans on nature.