Protesters opposing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline held coordinated protests across the United States today, joining demonstrations in Atlanta, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere.

Sen. Bernie Sanders made an appearance in Washington and emphasized his solidarity with Elizabeth Warren and America’s other native people.

A warning from Monday; or, if you prefer, the promise of an economic boom.

Also joining a demonstration against the pipeline Tuesday was Van Jones, who formerly served in the Obama administration as the president’s special advisor for green jobs.

Dang, water is life, and oil is death? Just point us to the direction of all of those new, good-paying green jobs and we’ll jump on our recumbent bikes and be on our way.

Is it also true that President Obama said through his press secretary that he didn’t endorse Jones’ past comments on race relations and politics? Because the two don’t sound that far apart.

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Editor’s note: The video has been deleted but can be found here.