Business Insider’s Oliver Darcy published an excellent piece Tuesday morning under the headline, “Backed into a corner, Sean Hannity tries to punch his way out,” recounting the Fox News host’s escalating online battles with detractors from the #NeverTrump crowd, such as Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg, played out in tweets over the past few days.

Ironically, Darcy’s piece about Hannity punching his way out of a corner was published before Hannity’s afternoon radio broadcast, during which the Trump supporter gave warning that he was working toward his black belt and anyone who dared come at him should know that he will hurt them (rhetorically, at least).

Mediaite has the audio:

It doesn’t seem at this point that anyone’s going to change their minds about voting for Trump or not, particularly when faced with the penalty of a virtually delivered martial arts beat-down from Hannity. The threat did give #NeverTrump conservatives and others some good fuel for mockery, though.