If this was done just to troll Slate, then bravo … but if not, then we have no words. As Twitchy reported, soon after Politico reported that no one surrounding Hillary Clinton dares to tell the candidate to drink water, Slate intervened with proof that Clinton does indeed hydrate, posting links to videos and quoting a 2008 interview with Katie Couric, whom Clinton told she drinks a ton of water every day.

Some claimed that Slate had managed to out-Vox even Vox themselves, and maybe Politico took that as a challenge, deciding to up the stakes and publish a photo gallery of nine times that Hillary Clinton was recorded drinking water, or a Guinness, or sipping a Coke (in 1995), or standing next to a glass of water perched on a stool. A photo of a glass of water and a cough drop tucked under a lectern — that’s pushing it a bit.

The dumbest thing you’ve seen today? Politico’s photo gallery went up at midnight, so that leaves a full 24 hours to find something even dumber.