Just a week ago, when Hillary Clinton was hacking and coughing her way through a Labor Day speech in Cleveland, journalists covering her campaign were still comfortable with the narrative that the candidate’s health was fine, and anyone who suggested otherwise was buying into conspiracy theories being floated by the Trump campaign.

Odd, then, that both the Boston Globe and the Washington Post have decided to give serious coverage to physician, forensic pathologist, and neuropathologist Bennet Omalu, who was famously portrayed by Will Smith in the film “Concussion” and who now is concerned that Hillary Clinton might have been poisoned.

Omalu made his suspicions known Monday night on Twitter after watching Clinton being led into a van following an unexpected exit from a 9/11 memorial service.


We’ll try to push that schedule up a bit and see if we can’t make the Globe a laughing stock by tonight.

Let’s hear him out. After all, it’s as good as most of the media’s and the campaign’s attempts at spin so far, if not better. Maybe they’ll run with it if readers respond well — but that’s a big “if.”

But look at the guy’s photo. He has the white coat and everything, and Clinton made it clear at the convention that she believes in science, right? Well, this guy’s a scientist, more so than Bill Nye could ever hope to be.