The fashion world doesn’t provide Twitchy with much material, but we’re curious if this was the big event for which rapper Kanye West had announced a casting call for “multiracial women only” without makeup.

What seemed to most to be a typical Wednesday afternoon was actually the debut of West’s new fashion line, also known as #YeezySeason4. The whole thing was a bit secretive, but here’s a peek behind the scenes.

The anticipation is killing us. This had better be good.

Oh. That was worth the secret bus ride. At least it’s unbearably hot out.

Kanye West does not care about black women.

But … they haven’t even gotten to the runway portion of the show yet! Don’t pass out from heat stroke yet.

Seriously, though: this is hard to watch.

Heat stroke? This winter coat should help.

Did West provide the fashion press a bus ride back home at least?