As Twitchy reported earlier, it turns out that pallet of cash that was airlifted to Iran was much bigger than reported initially. The Obama administration acknowledged Tuesday that a whopping $1.7 billion in cash was transferred to the terrorist haven.

For that sort of money, you’d think Iran could call off its naval vessels from harassing U.S. ships, but it was confirmed this week that one of a group of seven Iranian fast-attack craft on Sunday buzzed the USS Firebolt in the Persian Gulf, coming within 100 yards and forcing the ship to change course.

As in other recent encounters, the Iranian vessels had their weapons uncovered but unmanned and refused to acknowledge attempts to communicate.

Sunday was the fourth such time vessels from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have harassed a U.S. ship within a month, and the 31st time this year. That’s almost twice the number of incidents recorded at this time last year.

Better wait until President Obama finishes off whatever he’s sipping from that coconut in Laos to tell him America’s deal partner Iran is messing with us again — there’s no telling how he’d react.

Don’t forget Russia. From earlier Wednesday, with details still developing:

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