As Twitchy reported, Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Tuesday requested a probe into the circumstances surrounding the deletion of Hillary Clinton’s email archive, sending letters to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia and Platte River Networks, Clinton’s IT management company.

From the interview notes released by the FBI, it seems a Clinton tech staffer had an “oops” moment just days after a conference call with Clinton’s lawyers and Platte River (and just three weeks after the New York Times revealed the existence of her private email server), deleting her email archive and wiping the drive.

Donald Trump Jr.’s stock photo-like appearance in a #MillennialsForTrump ad was roundly ridiculed, so will today’s more candid shot taken in front of Platte River’s super-secure headquarters fare better?

There’s that word “exonerated” again; it was just yesterday that Salon published a piece claiming the same thing. However, that lawsuit by Judicial Watch is a going concern and still turning up new evidence, and though the press dismissed it pretty quickly, parents of two of the Benghazi dead have filed a wrongful death and defamation suit against Clinton.

Add to those the possibility of the probe Chaffetz requested into that clumsy staffer who refuses to talk about that conference call, and the “extremely careless” Clinton isn’t out of the woods yet.