It would seem really petty that #HackingHillary was actually the No. 1 trending topic for a while in the United States on Labor Day, except for the fact that the Democratic nominee had more than one coughing fit Monday that went on for an uncomfortably long time.

It seemed as though Sen. Tim Kaine was about to jump up and take the microphone at a Cleveland rally, but instead, Clinton continued to hack directly into it for a couple of minutes straight, and later had to cut off a Q&A session on her plane due to another spell, which she attributed to seasonal allergies.

The press has settled comfortably into the narrative that questioning Clinton’s health is as good as falling for a Trump campaign conspiracy theory, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s digital director took things a step further today. Best election cycle ever!

That’s no way to talk about Hillary Clinton’s supporters; besides, think of it from their perspective: there are worse things to have on your hands than dirt. In any case, behold as the conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health are turned around in an instant.

Good point: would the American people want to elect a terrifying racist if they knew he had jaundice? They tend to prefer their racists less terrifying and their candidates healthy. Best to release all the records and let the public decide.

P.S. Does anyone know if pow-wow chow has medicinal properties?