It was less than a month ago that readers were warned they’d see a lot less political coverage from progressive website Salon — after the November election, that is. The site had better cram in as much pro-Hillary Clinton propaganda as it can before then, no matter how ridiculous. It’s a pants on fire sale, and anything goes.

Take, for example, Tuesday’s offering that it’s the Right and the media that have, through years of smears, convinced Americans that Clinton is a congenital liar.

Heather Digby Parton blames William Safire, who first deemed Clinton a congenital liar, for starting the ball rolling. From that accusation, and “for many reasons, not the least of which was simple sexism,” she argues that “it was set in stone that this feminist, lawyer first lady was devious, calculating and power mad.”

For such a strong feminist and accomplished lawyer, you’d think Clinton could have fought back against the smears with a little more intellectual firepower than blaming a “vast right-wing conspiracy” for her and her husband’s scandals, or claiming she set up a private email server outside the government’s security firewall out of convenience, and to keep her yoga routines and Chelsea’s wedding plans private.

Winning back Clinton’s reputation as an unfairly maligned truth-teller isn’t going to be easy with claims like, “When asked what it is she lied about, most people can’t point to anything specific; they just know she’s dishonest and corrupt.”

She didn’t lie, she misspoke.

She momentarily blanked on that one; the important thing is that she alway took and always will take security very seriously. Never mind what the FBI director said about her being extremely careless.

OK, people can point to plenty of specifics. The point is, it’s the Right and the media that have perpetuated this idea. The press just can’t pass up those juicy rumors fed to it by conservatives, thus maintaining “a narrative of crisis and criminality despite there being no evidence of it being true.”