Bernie Sanders let it be known during the first Democratic primary debate that he was sick and tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s damn emails, which is too bad for him — he might have won applause from the audience, but he also took the issue off the table for future debates.

And yet, well past Clinton’s official nomination and her “exoneration” by the FBI, those damn emails continue to provide revelations into the inner workings of the Clinton machine.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne reported Tuesday that emails obtained by Citizens United suggest that Clinton might have planted questions to be asked at the Benghazi hearing.

Herridge reports on one email exchange between Philippe Reines and “Diane Reynolds” (aka Chelsea Clinton), who was unable to watch the hearing live and asked for email updates.

Clinton was “on her game,” Reines was happy to report, noting, “We wired it that [Democratic Sen. Robert] Menendez would provide an opportunity to address two topics we needed to debunk (her actions/whereabouts on 9/11, and these email from Chris Stevens about moving locations).”

Herridge and Browne report, “Right out of the gate, the first hearing question from Menendez that day covered both topics referenced by Reines.” Coincidence?

Not Chelsea! She seemed so innocent, despite having the two most corrupt parents imaginable.

Keep in mind the email isn’t necessarily proof that Clinton’s camp planted questions. If Hillary had her way, her team almost certainly would have queued up a crying child to wander into the hearing for her to hug and comfort and assure that Granny Hillary would be OK.