It might sound hard to believe, but after hacking her way through a Labor Day speech in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton actually entertained questions from the press for between 20 and 30 minutes, before succumbing to another coughing spell she say was brought on by seasonal allergies (election season?).

Clinton even addressed the recently issued FBI report that summarized her interview regarding her extremely careless handing of confidential information. If anyone there wasn’t satisfied with the response, there’s the door.

Don’t make a big deal, though, out of the fact that Clinton, who served as a senator before being appointed secretary of state, momentarily blanked out on the meaning of the letter C, thinking it was just a means of alphabetizing paragraphs. She’s totally dedicated to national security, you guys.

And just because she was rendered literally speechless by a second coughing fit, don’t buy into any conspiracy theories about her health, because that’s all they are: conspiracy theories.

Let’s hope the pilot has some industrial-grade sunglasses; get a load of the impressive racial diversity of the reporters on board.

They do look awfully happy. Maybe someone just rolled out another tray of chocolate? Or are they hungry for … something else?

It’s early yet …