If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Probably the police, you hate-filled, xenophobic right-winger. But Circa’s Joce Sterman found out this week that if you’d just like to interview a New York cop, you’re going to have to go old school and mail in a request — like, with a stamp or something.

Even an investigative correspondent can miss the obvious once in a while, but we’re guessing a detective with the Alexandria Police Department spotted a speedier option.

Seconded, and a cat GIF never hurts either. But were the Alexandria police taking a subtle swipe at Hillary Clinton, who apparently made Huma Abedin’s work life as miserable as her home life with repeated requests for a walkthrough of how a fax machine works?

Probably not, but since people are still arguing just how much of a performance Clinton was giving when she delivered that “with a cloth” line, here’s a flashback to her 2009 struggle to meet the technological challenges presented to her has secretary of state.