Mark Cuban’s still with Hillary, in part because he prefers presidents “that read and are smart.”

Cuban reads too, and if you’re at all concerned about Hillary Clinton being extremely careless with national security, not knowing that (C) stood for classified, and losing track of more than a dozen government-issued BlackBerry devices, he advises that you take the recommendation of President Obama’s speechwriter and read Saturday’s piece in Mother Jones that will make all those nagging doubts go away.

OK … it’s a long weekend and we could use a laugh. We agree that Hillary’s emails don’t represent some huge scandal — her bungled attempt to keep her government email solely under her control and her pathetic attempt to cover her tracks when she lost control are a huge scandal.

Or not. Kevin Drum writes that he read the entire summary FBI report (except for all the redacted parts, presumably) and that it is “pretty much an almost complete exoneration of Hillary Clinton.” OK, cool. The report that never would have been issued if FBI director James Comey hadn’t laid out a case against Clinton and then recommended that she not be indicted is “pretty much an almost complete exoneration.” Close enough for us.

Cuban says he’s read the documents and transcripts and there’s nothing to worry about.

For convenience, obviously — it was way too much trouble to let the government set up an official address for the head of the department.

Labeled classified … weren’t those the ones with the (C) in them, or was that for alphabetizing paragraphs — starting with the letter “C,” of course. Drum, for what it’s worth, doesn’t know why everyone is guffawing over Clinton’s ignorance of classification levels, because “she treated all classified information seriously no matter what level it was at.”

Yeah, that’s part of the rock-solid defense of Clinton that Cuban and Favreau are so hot to have all the doubters read.