When we last checked in on Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter president and self-identifying black woman was doing weaves and braids three days a week to make ends meet.

Not that styling hair isn’t an honorable profession, but it had to have seemed like an awfully big step down from lecturing on the politics and history of black hair at Eastern Washington University. Dolezal, however, will return to the limelight this weekend when she appears at the Naturally Isis BraidOn Economic Liberty March and Rally in Dallas.

Dolezal was invited to participate in the event when organizer Isis Brantley, owner of the Institute of Ancestral Braiding, saw some of her braiding work on TV. She was unaware of the media frenzy surrounding Dolezal, reports the Daily Beast.

Brantley was very quickly made aware of the controversy surrounding Dolezal when people on social media began calling her a sellout and threatened to boycott her business.

Brantley didn’t rescind her invitation, nor did Dolezal let the uproar online change her plans to attend the event. “It’s a justice issue and I’ve been a social justice activist for years,” she explained in a telephone interview with the Daily Beast. “It’s really that simple.”

Yes, it is cultural appropriation, and very much so; but in this case, it might be acceptable. Or not. Honestly, we have no idea and it makes our heads hurt just thinking about it.

Even better: Dolezal says she is just a few chapters away from completing her memoir, in which she will tell the full side of her story, with the emphasis on “story.” Oh, what a tangled weave.