Mark MacKinnon is the Globe and Mail’s senior international correspondent based in London, so it was with a seasoned journalist’s keenly honed outsider perspective that he watched Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Ariz., Wednesday night.

While most viewers saw a group of “Angel Moms” take the stage to represent those murdered by criminals in the country illegally, MacKinnon saw the campaign stop transform into a hate rally.

Wow … did he really just tweet that on stage were moms who “say” their kids were murdered? Are we seriously going into Hillary Clinton territory and suggesting that the mothers of dead children “may not fully recall” how they died? Someone, please make sure we’re not hallucinating.

No, it’s hate because Trump was talking about deporting illegals instead of passing additional gun control legislation, stupid. We’re talking Logic 101 here.

See? Hate. It’s not as though he’d invited the Mothers of the Movement to prove that institutionalized racism was responsible for their children’s deaths.

Well, they said that their kids had been killed by cops. Who knows if it’s true? It would take, like, a professional journalist to get to the bottom of that mystery.

Please, tell us more about this “standard journalistic practice,” right after we take an epic rip off of this bong to clear our minds.

So the mothers who say that illegal immigrants killed their children were just tools to incite hatred of all illegal immigrants, when they should have been used as tools to demand gun control.

Was it hate, then, that motivated Sen. Chris Murphy to blame an entire class of people — all Republicans in Congress — for the Pulse nightclub massacre because they “decided to sell weapons to ISIS”?

Yes, it is terrifying to watch what’s happening to standard journalistic practice in this country and abroad.