Univision’s Jorge Ramos — no friend of Donald Trump, especially after being escorted out of one of his press conferences last August — suggested earlier that the Republican nominee’s trip to Mexico Wednesday was alto riesgo (high risk). Would Trump come across as presidential, or was he being set up to be embarrassed by President Peña Nieto?

The jury is split. Bill Kristol, who attempted to field his own candidate to challenge Trump for the nomination (remember David French?), was impressed.

As Twitchy reported, Hillary for America’s Brian Fallon got an early start trying to set expectations for the upcoming debates, recently tweeting that Trump was going to be a formidable debate foe for Clinton.

While many called out Fallon for his transparent attempt to set the public’s expectations, it appears the majority of the press and public have settled on a common standard for a “presidential” appearance by Trump, and it primarily involves some form of bodily emission, such as drool coming out of his wherever.

To be honest, it’s not as though recent administrations haven’t played a huge part in lowering that bar to its current setting.

Has he been gracious so far? The AP reported Wednesday night that President Peña Nieto told Trump that Mexico wasn’t going to pay for his wall, while Trump said the matter of payment wasn’t discussed.

Yes, that’s President Obama’s chief speechwriter with a brief lecture on lying on the world stage to appear presidential. Thanks for your help in lowering expectations to their current level.


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