Most of Hillary Clinton’s high-dollar fundraisers are closed to the press (pretty standard practice for most candidates), and as Twitchy reported, Clinton enjoyed a haul totaling more than $20 million after three days in the Hamptons, capped off with a concert featuring Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett, and Jon Bon Jovi, winner of this year’s Clinton Global Citizen Award.

One press pooler was able to sneak out a set list for the evening, and now social media is being treated to a photo of Clinton with her new backing band, and it’s just begging for a caption.

Here’s a good jumping-off point:

Come on — Jon Bon Jovi’s only 54, and Jimmy Buffet is only one year older that Clinton, which can easily be found in a matter of seconds on Google. Incidentally, Google also offers answers to other frequently asked questions right on the same page; see?

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.20.00 PM

He’s alive and well, obviously, and should stay that way as long as he doesn’t get on the Clintons’ bad side. Kidding!

By lending some welcome support to her campaign? Yes, of course he is.